4Kcup pros and cons

The Keurig coffee machine is the brainchild of two college roommates who attempted to improve upon the age old chore of making coffee. Making coffee was a chore in the past.

First the coffee beans were finely ground. Next they were placed within a pot and boiled. A filter separated the beans from the coffee grounds. The problem with this method was that filters of old are nothing like the filters we have today. A piece of fabric or some other strainer was used to do the job of filtering. In some cases, the taste of the filter transferred into your cup of brew. If a person were translated to the past, they’d probably enjoy the coffee because it was the best that they had at the time. They would be less pleased with the time needed to make the coffee.

Aren’t you glad that making a cup of coffee is as easy as the press of a button. K-cups come equipped with a filter with the cup. Is it any wonder it is called the perfect k cup? The Keurig pod is inserted within the Keurig coffee machine. It is lowered and is pierced releasing pressure and enabling the brewing of this prime coffee. This system is patented.

The ease of use is one of the perks of a Keurig coffee machine. Although officially a coffee machine, the perfect k cup is equipped to brew tea or hot cider.

Could there really be any cons to this Keurig coffee machine? There are a few, and if they don’t bother you, then you can use your Keurig coffee machine without guilt. The most recent new reports suggest that k-cup’s impose an inherent health risk with the use of a plastic within an aluminum cup. Aluminum is considered a “problematic metal” linked to such debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The plastic in the k-cups is cheap and leech BPA into the product. This is the additive that leeches from plastic bottles. Also, once used, those plastic and aluminum cups add to the already mounting number of things in the landfill.

Espresso and cappuccino lovers will not like the fact that K-cups do not accommodate those flavors. The technology to create it is out there. A machine that is comparable to the Keurig coffee machine is on the market and it is able to make both espresso and cappuccino. In addition, they sell a separate milk frother to make the espresso and cappuccino just like what you’d have in a coffee shop.

Convenience adds to the price of this perfect k-cup. When you add up the price of these handy machines, along with cost of the Keurig pods it adds to your bottom line. They can add up and sometimes it is cheaper to brew your own with your stand-by coffee machine. Still, if you want a quick cup of Joe without much wait, the Keurig coffee machine is the way to go.

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