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When you are considering one of the coffee machines to have at your home, Cuisineart DCC 1200 Brew Central should be on your list. The features that the manufacturers has put in this 12- cup coffee machine made it one of the top choices for many of those who are looking for a satisfying cup of coffee.

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To start with, the looks of this coffee maker is very elegant in retro/stainless steel which goes along very well with most kitchen counters. The dimensions of this machine are 15.6” high, 10.8” deep and 9.6” wide, which is suitable for many kitchen dimensions. Some of the users have complained that the machine is extra long so you should take this into consideration if you want to place it under the cabinets.

The looks of the coffee machine is considered a desirable feature for all users, however what makes a coffee machine distinguishable is the features that are related to the operation of the machine. I have published a post for the desirable features that you should look for when choosing your coffee machine. You can read the detail in this top coffee makers review.

For ease of operation this coffee maker has been equipped with a digital control and automatic functions that makes brewing and preparing coffee an easy task. These digital controls include a 24-hour timer which is a great feature in having the wake up coffee. Moreover, there is a 4 hours auto-off option which relieves you from having to monitor the machine or to remember that you should switch it off.

The machine is also supplied with a clear LCD screen that lets you control the brewing time and the amount of coffee needed. The screen is even more useful when the lights are dim, such as in the early morning when you do not want to switch the lights on.

More on the technical side, this coffee maker has been equipped with a beeper which makes a beeping sound when your coffee is done and before the warmer shuts down.

The carafe is solidly made and it fits tight in the square shape of the machine, thus preventing from any slippage. It has markings to fill the right amount that you need. Although this machine is designed to prepare up to 12 cups at a time, you have the option to use it for small amounts (less than 5 cups). This allows you to have a fresh cup of coffee whenever you desire and you do not have to keep it on the warmer for hours: http://coffee-makers-review.toptenreviews.com/

The carafe warmer can be adjusted to three different settings: low, medium, and high to suite your desired temperature preference.
The tight fitting of the cover helps in accurate pouring of water without any spilling. However it is worth to note that some users have mentioned some difficulty in filling the reservoir since it is placed on the right and at the end which makes it a bit challenging to have the last drop inside the carafe.

One of the most important elements in having a perfect cup of coffee is the taste of water; after all coffee is 98% water. The Cruisineart DCC 1200 has a built in charcoal filter that removes the taste of chlorine and minerals from the water thus removing all the bad taste that you might find.

As for the coffee filters you can use both paper filters and permanent gold tone one. Note that the filter is not required for the operation of the machine but you will get better results when you use one.

The showerhead drops water on the ground coffee in an even manner which prevents the loss of water temperature when it passes through the ground coffee.

Additionally you can stop the brewing process by simply pulling the carafe from the plate. The machine will stop the brewing and there will be no dripping whatsoever. Although this can be done, it is not recommended.

You should allow for the full brewing process to complete in order to have the optimum flavor. The flavor that you get from a partially brewed coffee is different than the one that you get from a fully brewed one. Just leave the coffee till it is fully brewed and mix the coffee well to have an even taste.


As a final point we come to the cleaning of the machine. Cleaning your coffee machine is vital to keep it in optimum operational state. Cuisineart is supplied with an auto-cleaning function relieving you from having to clean it manually. To make it simpler the machine can alert you when it is the time to do the cleaning.

All the features mentioned above makes the Cuisineart DCC 1200 a perfect choice if you are looking for a 12-cup coffee machine. The taste of the coffee that you get is very satisfying and the quality of the machine is unquestionably unique. While reviewing your options for the best single serve coffee brewer for your home or small business, why not check out our article that takes a detailed look at Keurig v Tassimo.

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