Coffee Storage – How to Store Your Coffee Beans

There is a lot of misconception about the correct method of coffee storage. Lately there has been big leaps in introducing home coffee machines, which naturally will demand that you have the freshest coffee experience. So, if you want to have the ultimate taste of coffee you should have a good idea about how to store your coffee beans.

The factors that you should take care in storing your coffee are basic and can be easily controlled.

Coffee Storage – What to Avoid

The main things that you should avoid when storing your coffee are the same that applies to all your food storage, which are: light, heat, moisture, and air.

Ideal Locations for Coffee Storage

When arranging for a suitable place for your coffee storage you should choose a dark and cool place. Kitchen cabinets are usually the most suitable option.

Avoid moist places such as fridges and freezers since moisture is a very important determinant to the freshness of your coffee beans. Coffee beans that are exposed to moisture will give you stale coffee. For more information, visit the original source.

Places that are exposed to heat variances should be kept away from consideration as well. Such places are over the stove, where there is excessive heat exposure. Take care also from keeping your coffee in cabinets that are above the stove or on counters where there is direct sun light as these are also places that get a lot of heat from the sun.

Coffee Container Types

Once you remove the coffee from its original packaging it will start losing its freshness very quickly. For this reason you should place the coffee immediately in an appropriate container that will protect it from the above mentioned factors.

There are different containers in the market that can be used to store coffee beans. Glass, ceramic, or metal container work fine provided that they do have a tight cover.

If you want to use a glass container then you should make sure that it is placed in a closed cabinet where it is dark and cool. In case you want to store the coffee on the shelf or over the counter then you should choose an opaque glass to protect it from extreme light.

Coffee Storage – Freshness

Once the coffee is grounded it starts losing its freshness quickly. Grounded coffee have up to two weeks freshness, after that the quality starts to deteriorate quickly. Coffee beans have up to one month of freshness.

When purchasing grounded coffee make sure that the quantity you get will last for only two weeks. In case you need to buy in bulk then keep the coffee in a big container in a dark and dry place and use smaller container for daily use. Only open the big container when you want to fill the small one, this will prevent the big quantity from getting exposed to humidity and other factors.

Storing Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans can stay fresh for much longer period than roasted beans. If you kept them in the same manner that is mentioned above these beans can stay fresh for a full year. You can roast small amounts of green beans whenever needed for the freshest cup of coffee.

Note that when you roast green coffee beans carbon dioxide will be produced, for this reason you should pack the freshly roasted coffee beans in a sealed plastic bag for the first few days and open the back once daily to release the carbon dioxide.

Coffee Storage – Freezing Your Coffee

It is not recommended to freeze your coffee since the beans will lose the flavored oils that are inside them. Moreover, if the bag that you are storing the beans in is not well sealed then the porous coffee beans will have the taste of your freezer in them.

If you want to freeze your coffee for any reason, make sure that the bag is tightly sealed. One thing that you should note is that you must not return the bag to the freezer after opening it. Freezing and thawing the coffee beans for multiple times will make the coffee beans have the taste of your freezer.


Vacuum – Sealed Vs. Valve-Sealed Beans

When coffee beans are grounded it releases gas naturally. For this reason the freshly grounded coffee beans are kept for some time before vacuum sealing it. The advantage the valve-sealed coffee have is that the valve allows for gases to go out but does not allow any gases to go inside the package. This way you can seal the package directly after grinding leading to a more fresh coffee.

You should note however that freshly grounded coffee gives you the ultimate fresh flavor, it is followed by valve-sealed coffee and then by vacuum sealed coffee.

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