K-cup magic

K Cup Filter: The Magic in the K Cup

Have you ever imagined being able to use your amazing Keurig machine, that already provides delicious results, with your favorite coffees? In case the coffees you love are still not available in the disposable K cups / pods you can purchase a reusable one!  These K cup filters are perfect for those who would like to use their own coffees in order to have delicious steamy drinks. You can add pretty much whatever you would like there (such as coffees, cocoa powder, teas, cappuccino powder and so on), press the bottom like you normally would and then enjoy the fresh flavor of deliciously brewed coffee.

The advantages of reusable K-cups.

The reusable K-cups bring several different advantages for users. Whether or not you use your machine home or at work, having one of these reusable filters will help you drink exactly what you would like to drink while saving money. If you are tired of spending money on the smaller disposable cups you can easily find a reusable filters that will help you make thousands of coffees without spending a lot. These reusable cups can be found online at the Keurig site (see link above) or even at other famous retail stores such as Walmart, Cosco among others. The price is good: you can find these reusable filters for as little as $15 dollars. They are made out of very sturdy materials, which mean they will last for a very long time. For more information, follow our latest blog post.

How is it possible to use the reusable K-cups? Any special instructions?

No, in fact the reusable K-cups are quite easy to use. As soon as you have your in hands all you need to do is insert the coffee in the filter like part, put in the reusable cup and then use your machine just like you would with the disposable cups. The machine will work just like it would with the other pods. It will use the contents of the filter and then when the machine is done all you have to do is enjoy the drink! You can use the filter once again as soon as you finish your coffee. All you have to do is actually just rinse it so any debris will be taken away.

K-cup magic

The bottom line: Are these items worth it or not?

Many people wonder if these cups are truly worth it in the end. Although some might believe they can damage the machine, they absolutely do not! The cups are great to have at home, especially if you run out of the disposable pods (which always seem to run out at the most inconvenient time). If you have this universal pod you will be able to add any powder you would like and then your machine will work just like it would with the official pods. This is indeed a very good item that should be home for all Keurig users. Just watch out for the models that are not compatible with these cups!

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