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What’s The Deal With Keurig Cup Sizes?

Keurig is indeed a very convenient item to have at home or even at work.

Although the machine is very practical and can prepare several different drinks (such as hot coffee, tea, coffees of all brands), we often wonder about the amount that the machine can do at a time. Although most people do not know, Keurig machines can brew different drinks in different cup sizes!

Different cup sizes? What’s the big deal?

Well, although some people do not think much of the importance of different cup sizes, here they are for you! The difference in cup sizes is very important because each person has a different taste when it comes to drinking. Some prefer to have a small cup while others have a much bigger thirst. Of course smaller cups would be annoying to use at all times, after all if you need a lot of coffee you would take forever to prepare it. On the other hand, if you need just a little cup, bigger servings would go to waste.

Thinking of such situations Keurig created the different cup sizes!

There are several different options that have sizes that vary from 4, 6, 8, 10 or even 12 oz. This is perfect for those who would like to save money and also have the perfect serving when it comes to sizing. It is possible to find the K-cups in all of these sizes. It is important to verify the machine model that you have before actually purchasing the different cups. There are some machines that do not take all sizes of cups, so make sure you know which machine you have and what kind of cup it can work with. The prices range, and each cup usually costs $50 cents at the most.

Finding the right cup for you!

Keurig machines are quite practical; however the cups might get expensive with time. It is a very interesting idea to actually look for cheaper deals online and find these cups in bulk. You can buy bulks of the cup sizes that you use most of the times. If you have a business though, you will probably want to give preference for the cups that can make larger servings at a time, such as the 10-12 oz portions. These are good in size and can serve more than a single person at a time. You can find these cups online or even at bulk stores such as Cosco.

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The variety is huge and the bulk prices are usually excellent. If you prefer to buy just for home purchases you can find different small cups so you can taste all of the different products available at the market today. Having one of these machines is indeed a very nice thing, especially for those who love technology and also like to have different drinks at all times, served fresh! A Keurig machine and all of its different cup options will certainly make your life much easier and all of your mornings much more tasteful. We found this link that we thought you might like, providing some great information and extra tips in getting the most from your Keurig coffee brewer:

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